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When we are ill, we reach for pills to cure the disease or to ease the symptoms. However, have you ever wondered about how these pills are made? The process behind the manufacture of pills and medications is actually quite interesting. These are manufactured using the process of powder processing and a pill press. In order to create the pills, herbs and other raw materials are processed using various methods like washing, cutting, adding head, moisture, etc in order to make get them to be ready for conversion into powder. These processing methods also help to remove the toxicity in some of the raw materials. After that it is turned into powder and sometimes food-grade colours are added to it before the powder is pressed to form pills. 

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Biotechnology is vastly applied in the field of medicine manufacturing. This can be defined as the technique of using living organisms and systems in order to make useful products. Biotechnology has changed the way humans live and it improves their quality of life. This is a sector wherein research takes place constantly and numerous breakthroughs appear as a result of it. The use of biotechnology in the field of medicine is called red biotechnology. It deals with all aspects of human life, be it minor or major and it produces medicines for different kinds of genetic and malignant diseases including Alzheimer's and Osteoporosis.

Alzheimer's Disease or AD as it is commonly known, is a common form of dementia. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease but its symptoms can be controlled and prevented from worsening through the use of drugs. Pills produced by the powder processing technology are often used for the purpose of treating this health condition. The two main type of drugs used for treating AD are NMDA receptor antagonists and Cholinesterase inhibitors. These drugs contain acetylcholine, which acts as a chemical messenger for temporarily stabilising or improving AD's symptoms.

Osteoporosis is yet another progressive disease that mostly affects the aged, just like AD. This is a disease that is associated with bones. It is characterized by the decrease in bone density and bone mass. People who suffer from Osteoporosis should administer drugs regularly in order to prevent the condition from getting worse and to reduce the risk of having fractures.

Powder processing is one of the easiest ways of manufacturing pills and medications. The powders and pills produced through this method are used for treating and managing diseases such as Osteoporosis and Alzheimer's Disease. A pill press is commonly used in order to create pills effortlessly. This is a type of contraption designed for the purpose of applying pressure and weight to loose medicinal powder in order to transform them into pills and tablets. The thickness of the tablet depends upon the amount of powder used for manufacturing it. Sometimes these tablets are also coated to help maintain its shape. Once the tablets are manufactured, they are packed using of blister packers and sent out for distribution and sale. Apart from conversion into pills and tablets, the medicinal powder can also be filled in as-is condition into capsule shells in order to create capsules.